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Effectively collaborate with agents worldwide, measure and analyze their performance and increase your revenue.

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Display of information on units for agents online

Forget about spreadsheets! Use a special tool for working with assorted real estate and flexible data sharing.

Individual communication with agents on every unit

Communicate with agents in separate chats attached to every agreement and momentarily alert all the agents on the market about important events - price changes, sales starts, or special offers.

Quick booking tool with invoice generator

Now agents can book a unit for a client with an automatic invoice generator for an advance payment. Accept a booking and track the client’s payment

Limited information access

Give limited access to information about objects to different agent groups. Agents get information about every unit in a comfortable format in our app.

Save your worker’s time

They no longer need to waste time sharing PDF presentations, unit spreadsheets, and terms and conditions for every agent.

Your sales department tool

Manage all the available proposals with convenient software. Mass price elevation, flexible unit display settings.

Manage agent commissions

Set different reward levels for selected agencies or groups of agents. Every agent will see their commission % in the Reelly app.

Automatic motivation system

The system will automatically change a reward level depending on the KPI you put in. Encourage effective experts and save money o new agents.

Analyze the effectiveness of the agents

Look at the activity and sales statistics of every agent or agency. Motivate effective players on the market to work with you.

Understand the market demand

Get access to the reports on the most popular locations, planning decisions, and how quickly are specific units sold. Our system is based on big data and gives you points that will allow creating projects, that are most needed on the market.

Open a new channel of referral sales
Give access to the sale of your objects to agents from all over the world

We’re targeting our marketing on gathering the best real estate sellers from Europe, America, and Asia on our platform. And our functions allow you to easily share information and carry out remote deals

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